• Published: 11 August 2019
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Comments • 34 950

  • Rufus and Marley
    Rufus and Marley  55 less than a minute back

    NOOOOO it's AMAZING!!! You're sooooo pretty with short AND long hair!

    • custerjessica
      custerjessica  15 minutes back

      I wish my hair stayed short.

      • jamie chacko
        jamie chacko  52 minutes back

        Its cute and I'm not saying that because you said to its cute. #love. Like if you agree

        • Mary Louise
          Mary Louise  4 hours back

          You are beautiful, Colleen!!

          • lily the potato
            lily the potato  5 hours back

            It looks really cute don’t worry 😁😊

            • Brailey Vine
              Brailey Vine  5 hours back

              you look good no matter what

              • Sophie Levit
                Sophie Levit  6 hours back

                Can you post a vid of you singing “When he sees me” ?

                • Kimber Rasmussen
                  Kimber Rasmussen  6 hours back

                  you look like me before and after I did the same thing! GGGGGGGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDDDDD

                  • Map Contreras
                    Map Contreras  6 hours back

                    You look adorableeeee

                    • Rayan Hamade
                      Rayan Hamade  6 hours back

                      Your gonna look nice and cool 😀😀

                      • Lili Nadeau
                        Lili Nadeau  7 hours back

                        it looks so cute on you!! 💛

                        • Makayla
                          Makayla  7 hours back

                          I love it I just cut my very long hair like yours we are twining

                          • Alyssa White
                            Alyssa White  7 hours back

                            you look sooooooo cute

                            • Sarah Crasta
                              Sarah Crasta  7 hours back

                              no lie but u acc look good with that length of short hair

                              • jocelyn baltazar
                                jocelyn baltazar  8 hours back

                                ur miranda or joking

                                • Ellie Scott
                                  Ellie Scott  9 hours back

                                  You look so cute you should of cut it more sooner

                                  • imariiei I
                                    imariiei I  9 hours back

                                    Literally I think you look great with long or short hair. Your hair is gorgeous no matter what length!!!!

                                    • Anastasia Trofimova
                                      Anastasia Trofimova  11 hours back

                                      You look amazing! This haircurt suits you!

                                      And i hope you have donated your hair to charity because you've chopped quite long pieces 😅nd some girl or boy would be happy to have a wig to experience what it feels like to have long hair.

                                      • Tori 1313
                                        Tori 1313  11 hours back

                                        Omg you look beautiful

                                        • ione dahl
                                          ione dahl  12 hours back

                                          I actually love it

                                          • Whitney Bevan
                                            Whitney Bevan  12 hours back

                                            If I had a quarter for every time you said hair, I’d be able to buy a new car.

                                            • Stephanie Calland
                                              Stephanie Calland  12 hours back

                                              The short hair suits you so well ☺️

                                              • maria martinez
                                                maria martinez  12 hours back

                                                I love it

                                                • owl person
                                                  owl person  12 hours back

                                                  Colleen you look great with short hair it makes your face look more round I love it

                                                  • Trinity Hanna
                                                    Trinity Hanna  12 hours back

                                                    I’m seeing waitress

                                                    • EeZay Kh.
                                                      EeZay Kh.  12 hours back

                                                      You look soooooo cute! No exaggeration 💞😘

                                                      • june playz
                                                        june playz  13 hours back

                                                        u look the same tbh it will look different when someone changes their style i couldn't rly see the on ur hair

                                                        • BlueShadeBoi
                                                          BlueShadeBoi  13 hours back

                                                          OMG Colleen you look amazing with short hair i'm in love with this look.

                                                          • Ella Of Phoenix Drop
                                                            Ella Of Phoenix Drop  14 hours back

                                                            I’ve had short hair twice and I hated it. Colleen your hair looks amazing but hunny I looked like a hot mess.

                                                            • Chloe Harrington
                                                              Chloe Harrington  15 hours back


                                                              • Serena
                                                                Serena  16 hours back

                                                                Ma che grida

                                                                • Galilee Hannah Scrapbook
                                                                  Galilee Hannah Scrapbook  16 hours back

                                                                  u look sooooo good with short hair

                                                                  • Kelcey Dravis
                                                                    Kelcey Dravis  17 hours back

                                                                    I think it looks beautiful

                                                                    • *StayTrue2U*
                                                                      *StayTrue2U*  18 hours back

                                                                      I love it.. it looks so healthy

                                                                      • agnes tomy
                                                                        agnes tomy  18 hours back

                                                                        Girl it looks amazing
                                                                        I had long hair too and i chopped it off
                                                                        But like my hair is wayyy longer

                                                                        • Momma O
                                                                          Momma O  18 hours back

                                                                          l have always had long hair too and that would be such a shock but you are so pretty that you can pull off any hairdo! l loved it, so fun and so pretty! l really like it!

                                                                          • Savanna Garrett
                                                                            Savanna Garrett  18 hours back


                                                                            • Taylor Elizabeth
                                                                              Taylor Elizabeth  20 hours back

                                                                              Colleen u remind me SOOOO much of my mom😁 and I love my mom so I love you as well❤️ she had the same haircut when I was a little older than Flynn and I still remember it. You even have the same name! And I agree it's such a mom cut but I love it so much!! Ur so pretty!!

                                                                              • Jennifer Cowell
                                                                                Jennifer Cowell  20 hours back

                                                                                6:36 when i get something i always wanted in my fav game also you look slay with the short hair slayyy

                                                                                • Todd Ray
                                                                                  Todd Ray  22 hours back

                                                                                  I look amazing and super cute 😍💕❤️

                                                                                  • Elianna I love you so much. Cohen

                                                                                    Don’t worry you look beautiful

                                                                                    • Brook Lynn
                                                                                      Brook Lynn  23 hours back

                                                                                      I actually love it!!!!!!!!

                                                                                      For some reason I thought it wouldn’t look as good from what you said but it’s great!!!!!

                                                                                      • allie jackson
                                                                                        allie jackson  24 hours back

                                                                                        OMG you look so amazing with short hair I thought I was going to have to lie to you and say its pretty but it auctually is really beautiful omg I love it you look amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                                                        • Mya Lei
                                                                                          Mya Lei  1 days back

                                                                                          Omg girl, it looks so good you rock the short hair look!

                                                                                          • tessa moran-santangelo

                                                                                            I love the short hair! So cute

                                                                                            • Aly Fletcher
                                                                                              Aly Fletcher  1 days back

                                                                                              YOUR SHORT HAIR IS BEAUTIFUL! AND I LOVE YOU AND DONT LISTEN TO THE HATERS!!!!!!!!

                                                                                              • Aimee Hermann
                                                                                                Aimee Hermann  1 days back

                                                                                                I LOVE your new hair Colleen

                                                                                                • Pari 2006
                                                                                                  Pari 2006  1 days back

                                                                                                  I am being truly honest you look fabulous with short hair 😍😍