How To Slice Every Fruit | Epicurious

  • Published: 06 November 2019
  • Sharpen your knives and come to attention because class is in session! Join chef Frank Proto from the Institute of Culinary Education as he shares a comprehensive look at slicing fruits both large and small, from the tough to the exceedingly tender. Watch Frank peel, dice, hammer, and chop his way across the produce aisle and learn the skills you need to slice any fruit your sweet tooth desires.

    Grapes 0:40
    Strawberry 1:01
    Fig 1:30
    Plum 1:57
    Lime 2:27
    Lemon 2:46
    Kiwi Berry 3:18
    Longan 3:38
    Gooseberry 4:07
    Prickly Pear 4:26
    Star Fruit 4:52
    Rambutan 5:12
    Passion Fruit 5:44
    Mandarin Orange 6:01
    Persimmon 6:16
    Pepino Melon 6:45
    Quince 7:15
    Cherimoya 8:01
    Apple 8:23
    Dragonfruit 8:46
    Avocado 9:23
    Peach 10:32
    Pomegranate 11:11
    Orange 11:46
    Yellow Plantain 12:18
    Green Plantain 13:03
    Mango 13:51
    Grapefruit 15:12
    Durian 15:55
    Papaya 16:48
    Pineapple 17:41
    Cantaloupe 19:12
    Pomelo 20:00
    Pumpkin 20:46
    Honeydew 21:21
    Watermelon 22:03

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    How To Slice Every Fruit | Epicurious
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Comments • 12 802

  • Waki 310
    Waki 310  19 less than a minute back

    Traduire le nom des fruits, un peu compliqué pour moi.

    • Im Trouble
      Im Trouble  5 minutes back


      • DoNaLd DuMp
        DoNaLd DuMp  6 minutes back

        Me: Has a math exam tmrw

        Also Me: *hOw tO sLiCe EvErY fRuiT*

        • Jan Kunčić
          Jan Kunčić  9 minutes back

          What is ur favourite fruit? Mine's mango

          • aNtii-EasT __
            aNtii-EasT __  12 minutes back

            When he used the knife to cut the stem of the strawberry I was like I use my nails for that

            • Bygi Bieganwski
              Bygi Bieganwski  15 minutes back

              1:57 stop pls this is plum but in 2:00 that's not plum
              in my country we call it "bluma" it's like plum but sweeter 🙂

              • jess
                jess  17 minutes back

                baby kiwi: a concept that harry styles needs to adopt.

                • Not So Smart Asian
                  Not So Smart Asian  18 minutes back

                  I've had longman and there pretty good

                  • uje pagaz
                    uje pagaz  18 minutes back

                    Wait, pumpkin is a fruit?!
                    Im an idiot

                    • -correct- ok
                      -correct- ok  18 minutes back

                      Just me who was hella irritated with the sound effects and the voices that said the fruit name

                      • uje pagaz
                        uje pagaz  26 minutes back

                        No you don't beat the hell out of the pomegranate
                        You peel it slowly by hands, its therapeutic

                        • Oreos Gaming
                          Oreos Gaming  30 minutes back

                          I am a Filipino and some eat rambutan by peeling off the skin amd then eating it as whole and then spitting out the seed

                          • Dennis Neumann
                            Dennis Neumann  31 minutes back

                            I cant watch the video... I just cant. The "audience" is absolutely terrible

                            • Ryuu_
                              Ryuu_  37 minutes back

                              half of these fruits ive never heard of or seen before

                              • Noro
                                Noro  38 minutes back

                                welcome to fruit ninja

                                • Kim Johansson
                                  Kim Johansson  40 minutes back

                                  That is not how you cut a pomegranate. You cut the top of and then you make incisions where the white membrane meets the peel and then you can peel it whitout any problems. either that or you just break it in water and everything but the seeds float

                                  • yaboipandaa
                                    yaboipandaa  41 minutes back

                                    People:yellow plantain
                                    Me: a what
                                    Screen:yellow plantain
                                    Chef: this a yellow plantain
                                    Also me: ok I guess you need to cut a banana apparently

                                    • AkeemDenim
                                      AkeemDenim  42 minutes back

                                      4:08 that‘s a physalis and not a gooseberry

                                      • limão lipé
                                        limão lipé  42 minutes back

                                        i cringed at him peeling a banana w a knife

                                        • Micah Mundy
                                          Micah Mundy  48 minutes back

                                          and i still don't know how to dice a kiwi

                                          • AurixTV
                                            AurixTV  48 minutes back

                                            This man really likes cucumber

                                            • Martin Walters
                                              Martin Walters  51 minutes back

                                              I think most people just wanted to know which parts you can eat and which part are seeds or piff 😂

                                              • Liyana Bari
                                                Liyana Bari  53 minutes back

                                                Audience/ viewers: Satisfied

                                                Me: *They should’ve done it in alphabetical order*

                                                • Lemon Bell
                                                  Lemon Bell  53 minutes back

                                                  I love how the chef describes cutting the pumpkin with murderous connotations xD How festive!

                                                  • Simmy Kaur
                                                    Simmy Kaur  54 minutes back

                                                    and this is another episode of ‘What’s on my recommendations today’

                                                    • Tomato Sauce
                                                      Tomato Sauce  55 minutes back

                                                      You forget the coconut ):

                                                      • Micha Grill
                                                        Micha Grill  55 minutes back

                                                        I see YouTube recommendations brought us together again

                                                        Hello fellows! 👋😄

                                                        • Johny Stark
                                                          Johny Stark  57 minutes back


                                                          • i ate the last cookie :3
                                                            i ate the last cookie :3  58 minutes back

                                                            "I just roll my avocado"

                                                            • Ku Shahizuan Aqasha
                                                              Ku Shahizuan Aqasha  59 minutes back

                                                              Saya dapat belajar name buah Dalam Bahasa inggeris

                                                              • Paralyzed
                                                                Paralyzed  1 hours back

                                                                WHERE IS MY SAPOTE

                                                                • V1nc3ntVanKong
                                                                  V1nc3ntVanKong  1 hours back

                                                                  *WHERE IS GUAVA*

                                                                  • Dinohunter 1031
                                                                    Dinohunter 1031  1 hours back

                                                                    YouTube did good with this recommendation

                                                                    • Eva Julia Olivares
                                                                      Eva Julia Olivares  1 hours back

                                                                      The audience sounds like the children of father in KND

                                                                      • Tom Manion
                                                                        Tom Manion  1 hours back

                                                                        I hated this video, but I watched all of it

                                                                        • Lend i
                                                                          Lend i  1 hours back

                                                                          Как аппетитноо)))

                                                                          • Romy H
                                                                            Romy H  1 hours back

                                                                            But what about the second way to cut a pomegranate??

                                                                            • Jani.p.p
                                                                              Jani.p.p  1 hours back

                                                                              The pomegranate one was soo wrong. There is a much easier way to slice it🤦🏻‍♀️

                                                                              • Joanna Zhan
                                                                                Joanna Zhan  1 hours back

                                                                                i used to think King Solomon just cut the baby in half, now im not so sure

                                                                                • smartipants123
                                                                                  smartipants123  1 hours back

                                                                                  This is common sense...

                                                                                  • World in bites
                                                                                    World in bites  1 hours back

                                                                                    I ended up learning name of strange fruit in English rather than lear how to cut them, good!

                                                                                    • Quilt
                                                                                      Quilt  1 hours back

                                                                                      Am I the only one who is extremely annoyed of the audience sound effects?

                                                                                      • Little Bit Of Everything

                                                                                        I'm dumb
                                                                                        But I know for sure that's not a gooseberry

                                                                                        • D Vladyko
                                                                                          D Vladyko  2 hours back

                                                                                          BEST VIDEO!!!!

                                                                                          • GhostFollyEvo.
                                                                                            GhostFollyEvo.  2 hours back

                                                                                            20:23 star wars reference

                                                                                            • Hani malik
                                                                                              Hani malik  2 hours back

                                                                                              Fruit : lemon
                                                                                              Audience : lemon
                                                                                              Editor : *puts lemon on screen *
                                                                                              Chef : this is lemon

                                                                                              Me: ofc I can see nd hear lmao

                                                                                              • Esther
                                                                                                Esther  2 hours back

                                                                                                thats not a beautiful papaya it’s supposed to be even more orange :(

                                                                                                • bsfatboy
                                                                                                  bsfatboy  2 hours back

                                                                                                  Who did the editing of this? he said “I’m gonna show you a two of ways to cut this” he only shows one way. 11:11