A Boy Ate Only Chips And French Fries For 10 Years. This Is What Happened To His Eyes.

  • Published: 10 September 2019
  • This case is based on publication in literature by Harrison R, Warburton V, Lux A, Atan D. Ann Intern Med. 2019 Sep 3. Link below. Non-clinical elements (e.g. initials, story details, etc) are adapted. Peer Review: Dr. Nikhil Parelkar.

    I originally had another case for video of a vitamin b12 deficiency I saw as a student about a girl on an overly strict diet. I didn't release it because the details were more difficult than I would like for a video. The clinical principles and science of that case and this one are the same.

    Music by Lifeformed ► https://lifeformed.bandcamp.com

    Medicine (Playlist) ► https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL26HeTCO57qcMQB6CrU6QRzEi9tt9l1FI

    Toxicology (Playlist) ► https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL26HeTCO57qe9SS_dttfWVHL8boBWxJGp

    A Boy Ate 150 Gummy Vitamins For Breakfast. This Is What Happened To His Bones. ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mZ6nREONy_4

    A Mom Drank 3 Gallons Water In 2 Hours. This is What Happened to Her Brain. ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J3HivpHP-5I

    A Grandma Ate Cookie Dough For Lunch Every Week. This Is What Happened To Her Bones. ► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cwa8PdtWapE

    These cases are patients who I, or my colleagues have seen. They are de-identified and many instances have been presented in more depth in an academic setting. These videos are not individual medical advice and are for general educational purposes only. I do not give medical advice over the internet, see your own physician in person for that.


    MRI Images courtesy Dr Bruno Di Munzio. Radiopaedia.org rID:41113

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      if he did chips and fries + multivitamin drink or juice then this could work i guess?

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    Pewdiepie was the cause. Now even doctors support it!

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      8:16 😂 heme 👏🏻 review👏🏻

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        powerhouse of the cell

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          I've met teenagers that just eat junk. If you're dumb enough to just eat salted greasy foods you don't deserve much pity.

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            W H A T ? !

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              I too, wish to die in such a way as to make a good YouTube video title

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                The parents should have been sued.

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                    My favorite channel, hands down!

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                        How his parents let him eat this (this is the parents fault)

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                          You mean "A Boy Ate Only Potatoes", I can guaran-damn-tee you that's potato bread.
                          It wouldn't surprise me if, after having his first vodka, he had to be hospitalized, and that's where his B12 deficiency was first documented.

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                            _So the limit must be 9 years, 364 days, 23 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds_

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                              YOUVE NEVER PLAYED TUBER SIMULATOR??

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                                    ''Mitochondria, powerhouse of the cell'' ah yes, the only science related thing in this video that I actually understood

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                                            A girl drank orange juice after brushing her teeth, here's what happened to her stomach contents.

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                                              7:14 Green carrot

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                                                I know it’s old, but goddamn, a dumb man endured a biology lesson for breakfast, this is what happened to his brain. An aneurism.

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                                                  I remember seeing that on the news about the kid who became deaf and blind

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                                                            A boy played with himself every day for a year.
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                                                              PRESENTING to the ER

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                                                                  A woman diagnosed herself, this what happened to her mental state.

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                                                                    I took 5 beers, then climbed up the stairs, this is what happened to my face !

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                                                                      The music scares me more

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                                                                        I’m confused. I thought it was due to malabsorption. So why have we gone back to his diet? If he doesn’t get b12 in his diet why does he have b12 in his blood? I’m missing something

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                                                                          B12 dwficiency is pretty common in alchoholics, who drink hard liqour and dont eat

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                                                                            I thought so! It was that kid I read about.

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                                                                                {\_/} more fries?

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                                                                              A man stood in the middle of a road, this is how he got run over

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                                                                                This video made me want to eat a salad.

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                                                                                    8:13 meme review

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                                                                                      Well, this really puts a hamper on the "lose weight eating nothing but potatoes" video.

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                                                                                        A boy watched the post-video ad, this is how he downloaded Pewdiepie's Tuber Simulator

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                                                                                          What I don't understand is why general nutrition quality wouldn't be a standard vital sign. Even without any particular disease evident, it's not exactly rocket science to decide that a diet consisting solely of potatoes, salt and vegetable oil is super bad for you, and that you should fix this before something in the patient breaks.

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