Let's Acrylic Pour

  • Published: 08 November 2018
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  • Anastasia Beaverhousen

    i want "being a 32 year old lady" as my ringtone XD

    • Callie Borghi
      Callie Borghi  2 days back

      Julian is me every time I have to do something even remotely serious and Jenna is me when it’s something retarded that only I care about

      • Александр Клемко

        Мне больше понравилось творение Джулианна

        • Cluky3338
          Cluky3338  4 days back

          JENNA you should try watercolor

          • Angela Mathison
            Angela Mathison  4 days back

            Kermit 0:20 😂

            • Jesus Gutierrez
              Jesus Gutierrez  4 days back

              debating on taking half a tab and doing this now

              • Elizabeth Wilkinson
                Elizabeth Wilkinson  5 days back

                You know you’re a true artist when you finish and a few seconds later decide you hate it 😂

                • Kiera Stagg
                  Kiera Stagg  5 days back

                  i’ve watching this videos sooo many times and 9:48 still has me rolllllingggg😂😂😂

                  • Tiffany Soto
                    Tiffany Soto  5 days back

                    At 11:27 look at Julian

                    • Emma Friend
                      Emma Friend  5 days back

                      jenna has been a 32-year old ladyyyyyy for like five years

                      • Isis Pale
                        Isis Pale  5 days back

                        Kermit In the back 😂

                        • Alicia
                          Alicia  5 days back

                          i want likes

                          • UnicornPoop💩
                            UnicornPoop💩  5 days back

                            Who else noticed Kermit in the background at 0:42

                            • BillieEllishEdits andMore

                              Kermit’s nails should be clipped

                              • puff222001
                                puff222001  6 days back

                                They're just so supportive of each other.

                                • Jessica Brown
                                  Jessica Brown  6 days back

                                  Jenna hating her art resonated to my very soul.

                                  • TheKawaii_CloverX
                                    TheKawaii_CloverX  6 days back

                                    let’s appreciate Kraemercet @0:42 in the background

                                    • Emilie Nygård Berg
                                      Emilie Nygård Berg  6 days back

                                      0:41 Kermit on the floor

                                      • Emily Makay
                                        Emily Makay  7 days back

                                        Watching Julien paint slightly scares me with his energy but I always love the art he creates. Us aries folk always creating something dope 😍

                                        • Midnight
                                          Midnight  7 days back

                                          I want to pet Cement so bad. 😭💗

                                          • Trippie Frog
                                            Trippie Frog  7 days back

                                            Kermit at 0:44

                                            • Arctic Fox
                                              Arctic Fox  1 weeks back

                                              Kermit in the back round helix acting crazy lol

                                              • galianna jackson
                                                galianna jackson  1 weeks back

                                                0:45 kermit in the background

                                                • Ashton
                                                  Ashton  1 weeks back

                                                  You should have blown thru straws to spread the paint!

                                                  • koluski
                                                    koluski  1 weeks back

                                                    Jenna always thinks her paintings are so bad but they are so good and it gets your artistic side of you and it’s amazing!!!😘😘

                                                    • Madison Fidnick
                                                      Madison Fidnick  1 weeks back

                                                      How tf was this nine months ago

                                                      • Barbara Medina
                                                        Barbara Medina  1 weeks back

                                                        I love you guys, you make me happy. It might not be the best pour, but you tried!!

                                                        • ItsJustNormalKai
                                                          ItsJustNormalKai  1 weeks back

                                                          I just recently started watching Jenna marbles and I am in love with her videos, especially with cermit and mrs weach and marblesssss. I’ve been going through some tough times and her videos are getting me through it. I appreciate Jenna and Julian. Continue being who you guys are😊💜💜💜

                                                          • Lisa Axmann
                                                            Lisa Axmann  2 weeks back

                                                            If you wanna do another artsy video you could take acryl colors and drawbyout dogs together with julien. You could draw kermit and marbles and julien bunny and miss weach 😍 id love to see this! AND I Love your content!!

                                                            • Thomas Burke
                                                              Thomas Burke  2 weeks back

                                                              I'm confused is she blowing on the last one or inhaling the fumes to get high

                                                              • Jessi Douglass
                                                                Jessi Douglass  2 weeks back

                                                                that piece of julens hair is making me angry

                                                                • Brittany Tate
                                                                  Brittany Tate  2 weeks back

                                                                  Her second one reminds me of a weather radar thing.. Like a bad storm coming through.. Very cool though!!

                                                                  • Victoria Held
                                                                    Victoria Held  2 weeks back

                                                                    This is the coolest fucking thing

                                                                    • Mandy Bear
                                                                      Mandy Bear  2 weeks back

                                                                      Kermit in the background at the beginning

                                                                      • Whiskermitt Gaming
                                                                        Whiskermitt Gaming  2 weeks back

                                                                        Jenna’s looks like a map

                                                                        • Admin Official
                                                                          Admin Official  2 weeks back

                                                                          you should rock paint

                                                                          • Alexcia ?
                                                                            Alexcia ?  2 weeks back

                                                                            Was I the only one watching kermit roll around on the carpet?

                                                                            • alyxskyler
                                                                              alyxskyler  2 weeks back

                                                                              I really like how Jenna’s first one came out! Please do this again guys!

                                                                              • Maya Ruiz
                                                                                Maya Ruiz  2 weeks back

                                                                                Julien is literally me

                                                                                • Shanna Leigh
                                                                                  Shanna Leigh  2 weeks back

                                                                                  Torch it for cells

                                                                                  • FluffyPenguin 404
                                                                                    FluffyPenguin 404  2 weeks back

                                                                                    YOU GOT NOTHIN ON THE SALT

                                                                                    • Daisy Frost
                                                                                      Daisy Frost  2 weeks back

                                                                                      Hahaha!! Wait, did you guys catch what Julien said? "Use all of the tools that you have at your disposal. That's what the fisherman with the gun said." What pffffff

                                                                                      • weird world
                                                                                        weird world  2 weeks back

                                                                                        0:43 kirmit is not okay

                                                                                        • Growinthegardn
                                                                                          Growinthegardn  2 weeks back

                                                                                          Jenna this might be a really bad idea for you two but when I did this I used a torch over the paint 😂😂 it caught fire but once I blew the flames out it had nice little burnt colorful bubbles.

                                                                                          • becca
                                                                                            becca  2 weeks back

                                                                                            did no one else see an avocado in Jenna’s first painting ???

                                                                                            • Maddie Ray
                                                                                              Maddie Ray  3 weeks back

                                                                                              I think jennas dirty pour looks like the radar weather map of a hurricane!

                                                                                              • Maddie Donahue
                                                                                                Maddie Donahue  3 weeks back

                                                                                                0:41 i spotted a cermet being nasty in the back

                                                                                                • Vee Johnson
                                                                                                  Vee Johnson  3 weeks back

                                                                                                  Have you done drunk acrylic pour yet? Cause I wanna see that